We worked with engineering, geotechnical, environmental, testing and project management service, Coffey Projects to demolish an existing tenancy and construct a full new office fitout including EOT facility.

After Coffey were required to relocate their offices urgently, they contacted us to demolish and construct a new office fitout with major considerations being time and budget. Our work with Coffey was conducted on a very tight timeframe at a project cost of $300k. They needed a functional workplace that facilitated their day-to-day business and spaces to conduct meetings with local and international clients. With several offices all over the county and well-established brand, we worked closely with Coffey to ensure the space respected the company’s existing aesthetic and function, while still making it a fresh and unique space.

Coffey Projects original design came in over their allocated budget however, we worked with the client to help reduce costs through providing alternative finishes and offering options to help reduce costs without affecting the overall result. It was our job to accommodate their most vital needs, while also providing them with achievable wants that didn’t require them sacrificing the desired aesthetic and function of their office.

Coffey pod

Coffey’s development team is a partner for governments and the private sector and relied on to successfully provide clients with deliverable programs in partnership with local organisations, within a global network of professionals. With this, we knew their space would need to be an adequate representation of the company through the eyes of major stakeholders, local and global.

Budget solutions

One of the hurdles we faced with this office fitout was the timeframe required and the budget we had to do it in. It’s our priority to provide the absolute highest quality result within the specific abilities of the client. It’s not in our work ethic to go over-budget and send a bill at the end… Our work with Coffey was a great example of ensuring we worked with our client’s needs without sacrificing on quality to create a great, functional space. We were transparent from the beginning in what could be achieved and help to show them that there was no need in going beyond their means.  

Quality time

Although the timeframes were tight, we managed to finalise this office fitout before deadline. Thanks to the communication between ourselves and Coffey and the trust building that occurred throughout the entire process from consultation to construction, we were able to work relatively seamlessly to deliver the space they needed and wanted, efficiently and at a high standard.

The client was beyond happy with the result and the experience was equally beneficial to us. With each client’s individual requirements and the problem-solving involved, we are able to continue to grow and develop our own skills along the way. Coffey was a great example of how taking a solutions-first approach works well for all.

“Skelcon are professional, knowledgeable and will work with you to help deliver an outcome that suits your businesses specific requirements. Skelcon definitely delivered a quality fitout for Coffey and the project was completed on time and within budget and scope. We would certainly recommend them and their services.”

Michael Trajkov, Project Manager

Coffey, A Tetra Teach Company