LBC Lawyers were seeking a completely new construction of an office fitout to accommodate their need for a functional, professional office space in a multi-level building.

The LBC Lawyers new office fitout was briefed to us as an urgent requirement to create a functional, working space that would be constructed within a timeframe that ensured little to no disruption to the ongoing operations of their firm. We understood they had an obligation to their clients to continue their good work, and it was our challenge to see they had an adequate office fitout delivered to them at the highest quality and within efficient timeframes.

The project needed to be completed in a fully operational commercial office building with a number of larger high profile tenants that required us to manage our work and the site around the needs and consideration of all.

Through communication, collaboration and some creative solutions to a few logistically hurdles, we were able to deliver a new office to them as their previous lease dissolved, with a seamless transition that required no downtime on their end. We were able to finalise the construction within the client’s budget without sacrificing quality.

Local law leaders

LBC Lawyers pride themselves on offering a quality legal service with a modern, forward-thinking approach that has helped solidify their great reputation in the Newcastle area, and beyond. They required an office fitout that adequately reflected their values, while also being functional for the needs of them and their clients.

Solving shared space problems

An obstacle we solved in the LBC Lawyers office fitout project was their proximity to other high profile businesses that required the conscious consideration of their ability to continue operations uninterrupted. We worked closely with LBC and with their business counterparts to create an open line of communication, going both ways, and kept their needs and safety at the forefront of our focus. We were able to deliver LBC Lawyers the office they desired, while keeping ours and their relationship with their working neighbours positive.

Keeping law of the land happy

We are always happy to hear that clients are pleased with the results of our construction services, but especially so when projects include new or difficult hurdles. Despite a few logistical surprises, we were able to forge through without disruption to our relationship with our client, their working operations nor the work of those around them. The client was extremely happy with the end result and the way the project was managed.