Newcastle Private Hospital required the construction of three new medical consult rooms to facilitate growing patient requirements, without disruption to hospital operations.

The Newcastle Private Hospital project required careful consideration of a number of different moving parts in order to be delivered successfully and efficiently. Three new medical consult rooms were required to be constructed in a timely manner, to a high standard and with little to no disruption to the ongoing operations of the hospital unit. Although we always have efficiency, quality and safety at the forefront of our focus on any construction fitout, it was particularly important we understood the hospital’s need for a seamless process, and we were able to provide this.

We were able to create a working space that omitted the typical dust and noise of a construction site to deliver the carefully designed rooms by putting into place controls that successfully minimised these risk factors. We worked within the clients a budget and produced a finished result ahead of schedule thanks to careful organisation and close communication with the hospital at all times. The fitout projects were completed within a fully operational hospital without issue.

Working the ward

Newcastle Private Hospital pride themselves on providing world class quality health care to patients, and in doing so require a high standard from their ward rooms. We understood that it was our responsibility to produce functional, comfortable consult rooms while ensuring the rest of the hospital was free of disruption to patients and staff.

Risk management a high priority

Understanding the environment we were working on was a huge priority for us, and to ensuring the client was aware of the importance we placed on it. We worked hard to ensure that there was no physical or audible risk to the comfort and care of patients and the ability for the staff to provide their high standard of care. We worked closely with the hospital to navigate a plan that would omit any risk factors at every step, and successfully delivered the rooms without any issues or concerns.

A successful execution of a unique space

To our delight and in line with our own expectations, the Newcastle Private Hospital’s doctors and hospital management were all extremely satisfied with the way the project was delivered, and the care taken to protect staff and patients during what was a delicate construction process.